Payment & Renewal


You may pay for your sponsorship using debit order directly to the Ethelbert Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) account:

Acct Name: Ethelbert Child and Youth Care Centre
Bank: FNB, Westville
Branch Code: 223526
Acct No.: 508 516 82937 (cheque)

Ethelbert CYCC will notify you immediately after receipt of funds and a thank you email will be sent to you from our administrator.

Payment & Renewal

Based on the information provided on the completed application form, a selection of child profiles will be compiled by our social worker from which your sponsored child may be chosen.

Ethelbert CYCC reserves the right to change your sponsored child at any time should the sponsored child exit our Centre. Sponsored children may undergo a successful reunification process with their families or be placed with a host family for full-time care, at which point Ethelbert CYCC will assign a new child who is currently in the care of our Centre. We will notify you of any change by email.

Terms Of Sponsorship

  1. Should Ethelbert CYCC not receive payment, you will receive a reminder email notification. A two-month grace period will bee provided, after which sponsorship will be considered terminated and the sponsored child returned to unsponsored status and eligible for a new sponsor. You are welcome to sponsor again at any time, but Ethelbert CYCC cannot guarantee that the original child will be available to sponsor.
  2. We encourage sponsors to support the same child throughout the course of their stay with us or for as long as they are able. This facilitates a relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored child.
  3. In the interests of the child, please try to give at least three months advanced notice if at any point you decide to discontinue your sponsorship. Contact Ethelbert CYCC by email on provided this notice.