Our Programme

A Comprehensive Package of Child Care Services

The Ethelbert CYCC’s programme ensures that each level of influence experienced by our beneficiaries provides a balanced and positive impact, providing the foundation necessary to grow healthy, happy and socially well-adjusted adults.


Ethelbert CYCC accommodates 65 children and youth on its premises in Malvern, KZN. This number is allocated across 6 age-appropriate cottages, each of which is coordinated by a trained Child Care Worker. All cottages are equipped to create a safe and secure environment for the children reminiscent of a household structure.

Nutrition & Healthcare

Every child’s nutritional health is prioritised through the guidance of a healthy eating plan comprised of balanced meals, prepared either in our central kitchen or individual cottages.This coupled with the general health and well-being of the children, it is monitored through regular check-ups with the on-site registered Nursing Sister. All diagnoses and treatments are further endorsed by the clinic and hospital visits.


With children across the 18 months to 18 year age range, a special focus is placed on education to ensure each child is excelling in their respective grade. Through partnerships with schools local to Ethelbert CYCC’s location, admission for our children provides seamless transitioning and ensures excessive travel is kept to a minimum. Our homework club provides the forum for one on one tutoring and assistance from our Child Care Manager. Our foundation phase children attend an on-site Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme which is conducted by our qualified ECD Practitioner.

Psychosocial Support

The support of our children extends beyond the physical, with a large emphasis being placed on a child's emotional and psychological well-being. All of our beneficiaries have been afflicted by trauma in various forms and it is the ongoing therapy and counsel from our registered Social Worker that rebuilds and reinforces the character of each child. Therapeutic counselling provides a space for children to work through their challenges in a safe and confidential environment.

Life Skills

In creating a congenial environment for our children, specially planned extracurricular life skills activities are conducted on a regular basis. The purpose of these activities is to provide the children with a fun and interactive outlet comparable to the conventional activities of family life. This levels the playing field between our children and their peers, removing the stigma associated with living in a place of care.

Volunteer System

Our Volunteer, Host and Support programme allows community members to volunteer their time and talents to the center and beneficiaries, or host a child for a day, weekend or holiday. Healthcare or physical therapeutic support is provided by UKZN and Unisa students in the form of Occupational and Speech Therapy; Audiology and Optometry.

Our Impact

Making love count

Success at Ethelbert CYCC cannot be quantified with figures or statistics because every child that comes through our doors has the potential to leave happier, healthier and better adjusted than when they arrived. And that is what success looks like at our Centre.

Whether it is reaching developmental milestones, overcoming malnutrition and learning setbacks, or developing social and behavioural skills that afford them the confidence to create meaningful and healthy relationships – all these are stories of success and impact.

At Ethelbert CYCC we adopt the Pay It Forward concept where we use the support we receive to make a difference in our beneficiaries’ lives so that they too will go out and create positive change in the lives of others.

Children Cared For To Date
Healthy Meals Prepared
Items of clothing
days of quality education

Achieving Sustainability

65% Funded support

To render a residential child-care service that promotes optimal development opportunities for children and youth. To maximise community resources and involvement so as to support the socialisation and reintegration of children and youth into society. 

Ethelbert CYCC’s beneficiaries are placed in our care through an order of the court, we are therefore nominally subsidised by the Department of Social Development for our services. This subsidy accounts for approx. 35% of the total operating costs associated with the work we do. Ethelbert CYCC’s focus is to build funded partnerships to support the remaining 65% of operational costs associated with caring for our beneficiaries.