Ways To Support

To achieve our vision, Ethelbert CYCC seeks to establish meaningful partnerships with like-minded organisations whose strategy supports social upliftment and change. However, the support to our cause is not solely focused on monetary contributions but in-kind contributions as well. Our many fundraising efforts assist to either supplement, expand or advance our organisation ensuring we are able to continue the work we do.

There is an expectation by the Government that civil society becomes more involved in sustaining the work of charitable organisations. The B-BBEE legislation is one way in which the state encourages companies to support charitable organisations like Ethelbert CYCC. As a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefits (incl. Section 18A approval) Organisation fully compliant as defined by that legislation, Ethelbert CYCC represents an attractive Socio-Economic Development opportunity for Corporates to invest the 1% NPAT target and in this way, earn the full 5 points available on the B-BBEE scorecard. 

Funding partnerships

For every one rand subsidised, two rand needs to be raised.

The realisation of our goals is dependent upon the establishment and strengthening of funding partnerships. As a Level 1 NPO and PBO with Section 18A approval, funding partners are able to receive the full points for their B-BBEE score card; as well as income tax benefits because they chose to support our cause.

In-kind donations

Make a child's day!

Various facets of our organisation require support through receipt off assets/resources; time and talents/services from individuals and organisations

These donations can be in the form of:

help a child in need

If you would like to make a difference, contact 031 464 6555

or email us at pro@ethelbert.co.za.

Care for our campus

Build a beautiful environment for our children

“When your environment is clean, you feel happy, healthy and motivated.” – Laila Akhita

The Care For Our Campus initiative allows individuals and organisations to provide support toward the maintenance, refurbishment and renovation of our campus. Contributions include the purchase/repair of appliances, furniture and assets or the upgrade and upkeep of the campus grounds, office spaces and cottages. All these help us to keep Ethelbert CYCC an inviting place for our beneficiaries.

Chat to us about our Wishlist to see which one you could make come true.


We welcome volunteers to assist us in the following areas

Please note that volunteers have to be 18+ years and required to undergo a screening process.

Assisting our children with homework

Swimming lessons

Helping out with general maintenance issues

Life skill programmes

Creative Art programmes